Steps To Take If An Adult Tooth Falls From Your Mouth

Posted on: 12 January 2022


If you have an incident occur that causes one of your teeth to become dislodged, fast action is necessary to improve the chance of saving it so it can be placed back in the area where it usually sits. Injuries that cause tooth loss need to be addressed immediately by an emergency dental service. Here are steps to take if you find yourself in this situation and need emergency dental services.

Collect And Protect The Tooth

If a tooth falls out of your mouth, it needs retrieval so you can present it to an emergency dentist to find out if they can set it back into the socket it fell from. Pick up the tooth, avoiding touching the root area if possible. Run water from a faucet over the tooth to remove debris from its surface. Make sure you use the stopper in the sink beforehand so the tooth does not become whisked through your plumbing system. After rinsing the tooth, place it inside a cup of milk. Milk will protect the rooted area of your tooth, as submersion of the tooth in water can cause damage due to chemicals present within the water composition.

Contact An Emergency Service Right Away

Call an emergency dental service right away to let them know about your situation. This way, staff members at the dental business will be ready for your arrival, helping to improve the likelihood of successful replanting of your tooth. They will likely alert you of steps to take to help protect the tooth until you are able to make it to their practice. Be sure to let the dental service know if you are experiencing pain or bleeding from the injury you had sustained so they can better prepare themselves to treat you appropriately when you arrive.

Keep The Tooth Wet And Clean

If possible, collect a lid for the cup of milk your tooth is resting inside. If you did not have milk available, and you needed to resort to using water, there is a risk that the root area will become compromised, so be aware of this potential. Keep the lid secured on the cup so the liquid inside does not spill when you transport it to the dental service. Use a piece of gauze to cover the socket inside of your mouth. This will stop bleeding and keep the area clean so the tooth can be reinserted quickly by your emergency dentist.