What To Do To Be Satisfied With Your Teeth Whitening Results

Posted on: 27 June 2019


There are a few things you must know if you want to whiten your teeth successfully; otherwise, you might be disappointed with the results. Below are some of the things to do to be satisfied with your whitening efforts.

Fit the Treatment to the Stains

Teeth discolorations have various causes, and they require different treatments to whiten. The major categories of discolorations are intrinsic and extrinsic ones. The intrinsic stains reside deep within the teeth and cannot be bleached away. The extrinsic stains affect the outer surface of the tooth, the enamel, and can respond to bleaching. Know why your teeth are stained so you can use the right whitening technique; otherwise, you may be disappointed with the results.

Manage Your Expectations

The degree of staining, how long your teeth have been stained, the cause of the stains, and the products you use all determine how white your teeth are after treatment. If you don't know the shade of white to expect, it's quite easy to be disappointed with the results. For example, whitening toothpaste may not give you the Hollywood smile (perfect pearly whites), especially if your teeth are seriously stained.  For such teeth, you need in-office whitening or other treatments such as the use of veneers.

Follow the Directions for Use

If you decide to bleach your teeth at home, follow the directions for use as indicated by the products' manufacturers or as advised by your dentist. For example, you may be disappointed with the results if the instructions require you to leave the bleach on our teeth for 20 minutes, but you only leave it on for half that time.

If you have sensitive teeth, you may feel some discomfort or pain while bleaching your teeth, and it is quite easy to abandon the treatment program under such circumstances. The best way to avoid such disappointment is to get your dental hypersensitivity (or any dental problem you have) treated before you bleach your teeth.

Use the Right Products

It's also critical to use ADA (American Dental Association) certified products if you want to be satisfied with the results of your bleaching efforts. Avoid home-made bleaching products or black market products whose safety and efficiency have not been tested in the country. You can always refer to your dentist for advice and recommendations on the best products to use.

Get Professional Whitening

Ultimately, the best way to get satisfied with your whitening efforts is to get the treatment done by a dentist. Ask as many questions as possible during the consultation. Explain to the dentist exactly what you want to achieve. Listen and follow your dentist advice to the letter. Do all of those things, and you are unlikely to be disappointed with the results of your whitening treatment.

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