Cosmetic Dentistry Services For Prison Camp Survivors: Information Worth Knowing

Posted on: 27 March 2019


Millions of Jews and people of other nationalities ended up in Nazi prison camps. As a result of being a prisoner in these camps, these people suffered horrible malnutrition, which did terrible things to their bodies, their hair, their bones, and even their teeth. Those that survived had to spend years recovering, and in many cases, the long-term damages were not fixable until twenty-first-century medicine and medical and dental procedures could catch up to the present day. 

Anyone who is a survivor of a prison camp and who is in need of dental care can now receive free dental care and cosmetic dentistry. The dental professionals who provide these free services do so in hopes that they can help give back to survivors who lost everything as a prisoner in a camp. Here is more information regarding cosmetic dentistry services for former P.O.W.s of Nazi camps. 

Schedule an Appointment and Explain Why You Are Seeking Services

When you find a clinic that provides this unique service, be sure to schedule an appointment and explain why you are seeking services. You are not always required to show a form of identification that proves you were in such a camp, but it helps. Most people were branded with a number or they kept their Nazi identification stars or papers. It does not matter if you are Jewish, Polish, or even a former Francoist Spaniard; these services are typically made available to all prisoners of former Nazi prison camps. 

Crowns, Bridges, Caps, Extractions, Implants, Whitening, and Dentures

If you need a crown, a bridge, a cap, an extraction, a set of dentures, a dental implant, or any other cosmetic procedures offered and you are a survivor of the Holocaust, you only have to apply for and request them from dental providers that offer these free services to survivors. At your first appointment for these services, the dentist will assess the overall health of your remaining teeth and gums. If your remaining teeth just need better hygiene care, the dentist will take care of it and will then suggest a partial denture, dental implants, teeth whitening, and/or crowns and caps. Each procedure may be done separately or back to back in your next appointment. 

In the event that you need an extraction, the dentist will take great care to see that you feel no pain and that you will not be traumatized by the process. Some dentists will also offer sedation dentistry to make you more comfortable during an extraction, implant surgery, or permanent denture via implant screw surgery. Pain medication after your procedure is also provided.