A Closer Look At The Process Of Getting Same-Day Dental Crowns

Posted on: 13 December 2022


There are several benefits that come along with getting same-day dental crowns. For instance, getting your crown attached the same day will allow you to avoid dealing with any cosmetic dentistry issues that may arise from having work done on your teeth while you wait for your crown to be attached. Same-day dental crowns will also ensure that you continue to enjoy a full set of teeth without interruption and can help to prevent infection or damage in the underlying tooth by immediately sealing this tooth. If your dentist has recommended same-day dental crowns for your oral care needs, you can learn more about what to expect from this process by continuing to read below.

Step #1: Taking Impressions

Both traditional and same-day dental crowns are fashioned after your natural teeth to ensure a natural look and fit. To accomplish this, your dentist will need to begin the process by taking impressions of your teeth. This step of the process should only take a few minutes and is completely non-invasive. Once the impressions are complete, they will be sent to the dental lab where they will begin creating your new dental crown.

Step #2: Completing Any Necessary Dental Work

If you need any dental work done before your crown can be attached, your dentist will complete this task while your same-day crown is being made. One of the most common types of procedure performed during this step of the process is a root canal. However, same-day crowns can also be used in conjunction with work to repair a badly damaged tooth or to cover a dental implant. 

Step #3: The Waiting Game

This step of the process simply requires you to wait for your crown to finish being made at the lab and delivered to your dentist's office. Since this part of the process can take several hours, it is common for dentists to have patients come in first thing in the morning to have their impressions done and then schedule them for a late afternoon appointment to complete the process. In some cases, dentists may also ask patients to remain on standby and will call them when it is time for them to return to the office. 

Step #4: Attaching Your Crown

Once your dentist receives your dental crown from the lab, the only thing left to do is to attach this crown to your tooth or implant. If your crown does not fit perfectly, your dentist may need to make some minor adjustments during this step of the process. These adjustments can typically be made onsite in a matter of minutes. The crown is then attached using a strong dental adhesive that should firmly hold the crown in place for several years to come. 

For more information about same-day crowns, contact a local dental office.