Cosmetic Dental Treatments To Improve Your Smile

Posted on: 4 April 2022


A person that has suffered cosmetic dental issues can find that they may feel uncomfortable with smiling or otherwise showing their teeth. For many of the dental issues that a person may experience, there are effective cosmetic dentistry solutions that can be used to repair the damage and restore the appearance of the patient's smile.

Chipped Teeth Can Be Bonded To Restore Their Appearance

Whether the chip is the result of a tooth being weakened by decay or a forceful impact, a person that suffers a chip on their teeth can be extremely self-conscious of this problem. Additionally, the crack can pose a threat to the health of the rest of the tooth as it will compromise the protection the enamel is providing the tooth. Dental bonding is one option for repairing this damage while also restoring the overall appearance of the tooth. In addition to being very durable, the bonding procedure can also be fairly quick.

Laser Whitening Is Effective For Deep Stains

Deep staining is another issue that can severely alter the way that a person's smile appears. Unfortunately, there are many substances that have the ability to leave deep stains in teeth, and these issues can be difficult to correct with traditional whitening as the pigments may be too deep to be reached by these bleaching chemicals. In these instances, laser whitening is an option that will break down the pigments that are below the surface of the enamel so that the stains will be lifted out of the tooth. While laser whitening is extremely effective, it may only cost slightly more than traditional whitening systems. For those that have deep stains from smoking or years of drinking coffee, laser whitening may be the most effective way of restoring the color of the teeth.

Dental Implants Can Be A Permanent Replacement Option For Those Missing Teeth

Losing one or more teeth can fundamentally change the appearance of your smile. It can also make it harder to effectively talk as the missing tooth could interfere with a person's ability to pronounce a range of words. A dental implant can be an extremely dependable tooth replacement option. While dental implants will take longer to place and cost more than a dental bridge, they will be a permanent option for replacing the missing tooth. In contrast, a dental bridge will have to be replaced every few years. This factor can actually make a dental implant an option that is the more economical tooth replacement solution.

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