Whole-Family Questions To Ask Your Dentist

Posted on: 24 February 2022


One of the benefits of working with a family dentist is the opportunity to talk to them about care practices and healthy habits that can benefit the whole family's dental health. But what questions, in particular, should you ask your family dentist about your family's health and lifestyle? Here are a few key ones.

What brands of bottled water do they recommend drinking?

Most municipal water is fortified with fluoride, an important mineral that works to make tooth enamel stronger. However, people often do not drink their tap water because they fear it is contaminated, or because it has an unpleasant taste. If you do not drink your tap water, it's a good idea to ask your dentist what brands of bottled water they'd recommend. Some brands contain fluoride, and others do not. Your dentist can point your family towards a brand that ensures your fluoride needs are met.

Are the snacks you're eating good choices for dental health?

Give your family a rundown of the snacks your family enjoys most often. They can tell you whether those snacks are good for dental health, or whether there are snacks you would be better off eating. They may, for instance, tell you that certain snacks your family has been eating are too high in sugar, or that you need to include more calcium-rich snacks like cheese and green veggies. These types of changes are easiest when the whole family is on-board and when the advice comes from a medical professional, like a dentist.

What problems has the dentist noticed across various family members?

Each member of your family may have some of their own, unique tooth problems. However, there may also be some problems that are creeping up in multiple family members. Ask the dentist whether they have seen any of these patterns. They may tell you, for instance, that everyone's gum health seems to have gone downhill since their last visit. Once you're aware of these trends, you can work together as a family, and with the help of the dentist, to address the problems at hand. For instance, the dentist may suggest you switch to a different brand of mouthwash as a family, or that you all stop drinking so much soda.

When you have a family, working with a family dentist is often the easiest way to make sure everyone gets the dental care they need. Don't hesitate to ask questions along the way.