Should You See A General Or Cosmetic Dentist? The Benefits Of A Specialist

Posted on: 24 September 2019


Why should you choose a cosmetic dentist? If you're not entirely happy with your smile, take a look at the reasons to select a specialized professional.

Time Savings

You want brighter, whiter teeth. The strips, pastes, and gels available online and your local pharmacy look like they'll work and come with the right price tag. But how efficient are these products? Even though they can whiten and, in some cases, lift stains, they won't give you that Hollywood movie star glow you want.

Avoid hours spent at home waiting for your whitening product to work with one visit to the cosmetic professional's office. Not only can the cosmetic professional whiten your teeth, but they can also save you time when it comes to other procedures. Instead of months or years in braces to fix a few crooked teeth, the dentist can use veneers to correct your smile.

Specialized Services

Does your regular dentist offer a menu of specialized cosmetic services? If they don't have experience or expertise with whitening, veneers, and other cosmetic options, it's time to look for someone who does. Ask the dentist (or their staff) about the professional's qualifications and service selections before you schedule an appointment.

One-Stop Shop

Do you need a dental exam, cleaning, and possibly more? A general dentist can provide you with the exam, cleaning, and routine restorations, such as fillings or crowns. But they may not have the knowledge or equipment required for complex cosmetic procedures.

A dentist who has additional cosmetic training can whiten your teeth, apply veneers, install implants, and much more. Along with aesthetic issues, this specialized dental professional can also do everything your general dentist can. This means you can get your bi-annual exam, a cleaning, and a whitening, implant, or any other cosmetic procedure you need in one office.

Quality Option

While there are plenty of general dentists who offer quality care, a cosmetic specialist is often a better choice when it comes to complex procedures or expensive restorations. Again, the cosmetic dental professional has extensive training and experience with aesthetic issues and related procedures.

Whether you want a whiter smile, need a new tooth, or have another aesthetic issue, a cosmetic dentist offers the time savings, experience, and quality that you may not always find with a general dental professional. Before you schedule your next appointment, talk to the dentist and their staff about the ways this specialist can help you.

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