Don't Ignore Dental Implants For These 2 Reasons

Posted on: 29 January 2019


Do you have major problems with your teeth that will require some restorative dentistry to fix? It could include teeth that are completely missing, broken to the point where they need repair, or have an infection and need to be pulled? If so, you will be weighing your options for how you will fix your dental problems. While bridges and partial dentures are viable alternatives to fix missing teeth, you shouldn't ignore the use of dental implants. While the procedure is more expensive and invasive, it can provide long-lasting results that will perform much better in the long run.

1. Implants Are Best To Fix Multiple Problems

It can be a challenge to try to save a natural tooth, especially when you have multiple problems with your oral health that need to be fixed. For example, if you needed to get more than one root canal in a tooth, that shell of a tooth may be in a state where it is not going to last much longer. If you have issues with tooth decay, it may be hard to actually save a tooth to the point where it won't need to be removed down the road.

A dental implant is going to give you a fresh start with your tooth, all without losing what makes your tooth a tooth. The titanium root gets implanted under the gums, which causes the jawbone to continue to receive stimulation. It will help provide strength to your jawbone to prevent it from deteriorating, keeping the surrounding teeth healthy as well.

2. Dental Implants Are Easy To Care For

When you have dentures, bridges, veneers, or other restorative dentistry procedures, it is going to disrupt your normal routine for oral care that you have been practicing for years. Dentures require additional steps to clean them and prevent them from drying out, and bridges require different forms of flossing to keep the space between the teeth clean.

Dental implants will function just like a real tooth one it is installed. While the tooth is fake, you can continue to brush it as if it was a normal tooth in your mouth, not needing to take any special care in order to keep it in good shape. Even flossing can be done like normal to clean any healthy teeth that surround the dental implant.

Still not convinced? Reach out to your local dentist for more information on getting a tooth implant