3 Easy Ways To Get The Most Out Of A Teeth Whitening Procedure

Posted on: 30 November 2018


After a teeth whitening process, you can easily lose that new brighter smile. If you took the time to find cosmetic dentistry services for professional teeth whitening, you should take the time to maintain your brighter smile. Here are some incredibly easy ways to keep your teeth bright after your teeth whitening procedure.

1. Start Brushing and Flossing Regularly

If you didn't already commit to a daily brushing and flossing routine, now is a great time to start. Whitened teeth will still collect plaque and other debris that can stain teeth.

You can switch to an approved whitening toothpaste to help maintain the quality of your whitened teeth as well. Other whitening products can help you as well. However, you should ask your dentist which home whitening products or procedures are okay for you going forward.

2. Stop Doing Things That Heavily Stain Your Teeth

If you smoke or chew tobacco, you should stop immediately. Not only are these things terrible for your overall health, but they're known to discolor teeth fast. You should also consider cutting back on foods and drinks that contribute to staining your teeth as well.

Some foods go to work on your teeth faster than others. For example, berries and pasta sauces can cause you to lose a shade or two in no time at all. Just about any dark liquid will also stain your teeth, especially coffee and dark sodas.

You can still eat and drink your favorite things, but just stay aware of what those things are doing to your newly whitened teeth. Get into the habit of drinking from a straw and brushing after every meal.

You can also employ mouthwash to clear out what food and drink leaves behind. If you're not in a position to brush or use mouthwash, you should still rinse your mouth with water.

3. Start Seeing Your Dentist More Often

If you don't already go in for routine visits to your dentist, you should start. Your dentist can keep an eye on your teeth and make sure they're healthy.

Your dentist can also give you professional cleaning, which can help keep your whitened teeth stay that way. The cleaning can help remove stubborn staining that builds up over time.

You can also receive touchups every so often from your cosmetic dentist. Sometimes, changing habits aren't easy to do. While you work on it, your cosmetic dentistry office will help you keep your brighter, whiter teeth looking good.