The Devastating Effects Of Enamel Erosion

Posted on: 4 October 2018


Discovering you have enamel erosion might be alarming news to you, and it is something you should take seriously. Enamel is the covering of your teeth that is there for protection, insulation, and other reasons. If you lose the enamel from your teeth, it can have devastating effects on your oral health, and here are some of them.

Increased risk of cavities

The enamel layer you have on your teeth serves as a protective layer against cavities. A cavity is formed when decay forms on your tooth. If you lose the enamel on a tooth, the tooth cannot fight decay as quickly, and this will cause you to develop more cavities. Once you lose the enamel, there is virtually no way to get it to come back. There are procedures, though, that can help you protect your teeth with something other than enamel. One option is through composite bonding.

Sensitivity with your teeth

Enamel is also there to insulate your teeth. When you take a drink of something ice-cold, do you feel twinges of nerve pain? If so, this is a symptom of enamel erosion. Without enamel on your teeth, the inner layers of teeth are exposed, and this is where you will find nerve endings. If the nerves are exposed to hot and cold things, they will let you know by causing you to feel pain. This is often one of the first signs people experience when they have enamel erosion.

Discoloration of your teeth

The enamel on your teeth also helps keep your teeth white. Enamel is translucent, but it also covers the inner parts of your teeth, which are yellow. When you begin experiencing enamel erosion, your teeth are likely to turn yellow in color because of the exposure of the inner layers of your teeth.

Prone to other types of problems with your teeth

One other problem you could experience from enamel erosion is uneven teeth. Enamel erosion weakens teeth and makes them prone to chips, cracks, and other tooth problems. If you do not treat your enamel erosion problem, it could lead to uneven teeth, due to the strength of your teeth being gone.

These are four of the top effects of enamel erosion. If you want to avoid these problems caused by enamel erosion and have healthier teeth, contact a dental clinic like RTC Dental to learn more about what you can do to treat or prevent enamel erosion.