4 Surprising Things You Can Do To Keep Your Smile Brighter And Healthier

Posted on: 8 February 2017


You might think that if you maintain a good relationship with your dentist and floss, brush, and rinse your mouth regularly, you will never have any major dental issues. Sometimes it's hereditary, other times it's because of the foods that you eat, but your smile can begin to chip and fade despite your very best efforts. The good news is that there are a couple of little known tricks for improving oral health that also have teeth whitening qualities that you can utilize to improve the appearance and strength of your teeth. Try out these four tips if you want your teeth to truly dazzle.

1. Drink From A Straw - Any substance that contains dyes or acids can be harsh on your teeth, leading to staining and sometimes even the deterioration of tooth enamel. It can be a little difficult getting accustomed to sipping your hot cocoa through a straw, but your teeth can stay whiter if you remember to use a straw prior to drinking beverages.

2. Try Chew Sticks - Before the toothbrush was invented, people use all sorts of things to naturally clean their teeth, tongues and gums. Chew sticks as their known in other parts of the world are literally made from the branches or roots of various trees, including neem and licorice. Not only do chew sticks contain impressive teeth whitening qualities, they are also thought to be just as effective as standard oral hygiene tools.

3. Increase Your Vitamin Intake - One little known affect of regularly taking a multi vitamin is actually whiter teeth. If you take a sizable amount of vitamin C supplements, you will have less plaque on the enamel of your teeth, making them look brighter and whiter.  You can take vitamin C supplements on their own or choose a vitamin that has a well rounded blend of all the nutrients needed for maintaining a strong set of teeth.

4. Add Natural Teeth Whitening Foods To Your Diet - Some of the foods that you enjoy snacking on may also lead to stronger teeth and gums, and if your teeth are healthier they will certainly look better, too. Eating strawberries everyday might just help to lift the superficial stains off the surface of your teeth, and diary products will benefit your teeth on the inside and out. By reducing the amount of food you ingest that contains unnatural dyes and harsh additives while simultaneously eating more foods with whitening qualities, you may never even think about having your teeth professionally whitened.