5 Benefits Of Self-Ligating Braces

Posted on: 20 September 2016


If you are considering braces, you probably want the alignment process to be as quick and effective as possible. Self-ligating braces may be your best option. Here are a few reasons why:

Self-ligating braces can straighten your teeth quicker than traditional braces.

Self-ligating brackets can reduce the amount of time that you have to wear your braces. The brackets of traditional braces have no holes in them, so the archwire is attached to traditional brackets using elastic bands. With self-ligating brackets, no elastic bands are needed. The brackets contain a hole through which the orthodontist feeds the archwire. 

The alignment time associated with traditional brackets is greater because of the friction created by the elastic bands. This friction slows the alignment process. 

Self-ligating braces straighten your teeth with less force.

When traditional braces are used to straighten the teeth, the amount of corrective force placed on your teeth must be great enough to align your teeth and overcome the friction of the elastic bands. With self-ligating brackets, less aligning force is required due to the lack of opposing friction. 

A reduction in force can help make your alignment process more comfortable. 

Self-ligating braces require fewer trips to the orthodontist.

With traditional braces, your orthodontist will schedule periodic appointments with you to tighten or adjust your archwire. These adjustments are necessary as your teeth shift further into proper position.

Self-ligating braces still require periodic adjustments of the archwire. However, the adjustments are less frequent. Thus, your schedule remains uninterrupted for longer spans of time. 

Self-ligating brackets are smaller.

Discretion is often desirable when it comes to orthodontic appliances. Self-ligating brackets are smaller than the brackets of traditional braces. In addition, like traditional braces, self-ligating brackets can be fashioned from ceramic. The ceramic blends with the color of your tooth enamel and is much harder to see against the teeth than metal. To help lessen the cost of ceramic self-ligating brackets, you can ask your orthodontist to only apply them to your teeth that are easily visible. He or she can still apply metal brackets to the other teeth in your mouth. 

Self-ligating brackets often require fewer extractions.

Self-ligating brackets can often align the teeth without requiring the removal of teeth that are causing crowding. Often, crowded teeth have to be extracted with traditional braces to allow enough room for the alignment process to take place. 

With self-ligating brackets, the crowded teeth are gently coaxed into alignment with the other teeth, creating a wider, more attractive smile.

To learn more about self-ligating braces and their benefits, schedule an appointment with an orthodontist in your area.