Exposing Myths about Dental Implants

Posted on: 10 August 2016


At one time, the only option you had after tooth loss was dentures. Dental implants have now become a possibility, and they may be the perfect option for you. There are numerous myths surrounding dental implants. Here's a look at the most commonly heard ones.

People Will See Your Implants

Too many people believe that it will be obvious that they've had implants. The truth is far from the myth, as dental implants are created to look as natural as possible. Only you and people you tell will know that you have implants as long as you have no infections and have had your implants fitted by a trained surgeon.

Recovery Is Painful and Long

The recovery process happens in two stages: physical recovery and strengthening of the implants. The initially recovery will usually take no more than 10 days, and people often find themselves able to go back to work the day after, so nobody has to know you've had a procedure. The second stage does take the longest, as the implants need to fuse with your jaw.

While the second part sounds painful, it's mostly just uncomfortable now and then. The first part is the most painful, but the pain is easily managed with over-the-counter medication.

The problem of pain lies in infection. Dentists will ensure you're a good candidate to limit the risk of infection happening, and you will get help for aftercare to help prevent infection. You can help limit your chances of pain and infection by choosing a reputable provider.

Implants Don't Take Any Work or Take Too Much Work

Depending on who you speak to, you may hear either one of these myths. Which one should you believe?

The truth is neither is true. Yes, there is some work involved to help implants last a lifetime, but not as much as you may hear. You'll need to put in the same effort that you should to protect a normal tooth. This involves brushing and flossing, visiting your dentist, and protecting against sugary and acidic foods. There's no special process that you need to apply to keep your implants looking good.

Good oral hygiene is essential. Your mouth will still be at risk of gum disease, which can lead to the implants loosening and becoming damaged.

Anyone Can Get Implants

Dentists will only recommend implants if they believe your mouth will be suitable. The health of your jaw, gums, and teeth need to be considered. Your dentist will also think about your oral-hygiene routine. Severe gum disease or extremely poor oral habits will often lead to the recommendation that you get another kind of replacement teeth. 

Before considering your tooth-loss remedy, think about the myths and learn the facts. Dental implants are becoming a popular option, because many of the myths you hear are false. Contact a dentistry like Gordon Dental to learn more.