2 Homemade Remedies To Help Soothe Inflammation Cause By Parotitis

Posted on: 29 June 2016


Poor dental health can cause a number of issues with your mouth. One of the biggest issues that this creates is bacterial infections. These infections can irritate anything from your gums to your teeth. However, a bacterial infection that is not so obvious is parotitis. This bacterial infection often occurs when bacteria contaminate your salivary glands. You will often experience dry mouth and pain around your mouth and face as a result of this. While the symptoms and bacterial infection are not permanent, it can lead to inflammation around all of the infected areas. Inflammed salivary glands will only add to your pain and discomfort. Fortunately, there are a few homemade remedies that you can use to soothe inflammation caused by parotitis.

Bupleurum Anti-inflammatory Rinse 

Bupleurum is often consumed as an herbal tea in order to treat internal infections because of its antiviral properties. In addition, the herb also contains anti-inflammatory properties that are ideal for soothing and calming irritation. The herb can also be used to cleanse the salivary glands in your mouth that have been affected by parotitis. Simply place a teaspoon of bupleurum in a small cup. Fill the cup with boiling hot water and allow it to cool for several minutes. Add a few drops of lime juice and use the rinse to cleanse around your mouth. Gargle with the rinse for at least a minute and spit it out. Use the rinse after meals in order to soothe your inflammation. If you have any leftovers, then you can reheat the rinse and enjoy it like a tea.

Pineapple Juice 

Pineapple is considered to be one of the most well-known fruits. The fruit's juice is not only great to enjoy as a tasty snack, but it can also be used to treat inflammation. As a result, the fruit is often used as a natural remedy for topical and internal wounds. Pineapple juice can be created by peeling a fresh pineapple and adding the flesh to a blender. Blender the fruit until it is smooth. If you want a thinner drink, then you can add a quarter cup of water. Otherwise, you can enjoy the pineapple juice in its concentrated form. Consume the mixture before enjoying your meals in order to keep any inflammation under control.

Until your parotitis fully subsides, you will have to endure some discomfort caused by the pain and inflammation. Therefore, use these homemade remedies to help soothe your mouth during this time.

For more information and assistance in living with and treating parotitis, contact a dentist, like Davis R Troup DDS PA.