3 Simple Food Swaps That Help To Boost Your Oral Health

Posted on: 6 April 2016


What you eat helps to determine the quality of your health. This is extremely true for your oral health, as your mouth is the first point of contact for nutrition. You can make different food choices to support your oral health. Here are three simple food swaps that help to boost your oral health.

Have yogurt instead of toast for a quick breakfast.

Many people find it hard to squeeze in time for breakfast in the morning. Quick options such as toast or a bagel are usually preferred. For a quick breakfast option, try yogurt. This dairy product comes in a variety of flavors and also boosts your oral health. Yogurt, and other dairy products like it, is high in calcium and phosphorus. These two minerals help to strengthen your teeth after they have been degraded by acid attacks. Dairy products have also been shown to reduce acid on the teeth after you eat a sugary food.

Drink green tea in the afternoon instead of coffee.

By mid-afternoon, you may feel yourself dragging and then decide to have a cup of coffee to counteract that feeling. Instead, reach for a cup of green tea. Green tea is far less acidic than coffee, and it also contains caffeine so it can give you a needed boost of energy. Further, the American Academy of Periodontology held a study that revealed that green tea has properties that reduce the symptoms of gum disease. Green tea drinkers in the study reported less bleeding of the gum tissue and reduced inflammation. An antioxidant in green tea called catechin is thought to be responsible for reducing inflammation so that the immune system has time to fight off the bacteria that causes gum disease.

Have an orange if you are craving something sweet.

You know that the amount of sweet treats you consume should be moderated. While you do not have to give them up entirely, it is good to have some other sweet alternatives in mind instead of candy or baked goods when a craving hits you. Oranges are zesty, tasty, and sweet, and may hit the spot when you are craving a sugar rush. Oranges are high in vitamin C, a nutrient that helps to combat gum disease. A study showed that those who have a low blood concentration of vitamin C are far more likely to suffer from periodontitis, one of the most common forms of gum disease. To learn more, speak with someone like Suncoast Dental Center.