Dental Implants: How To Care For Them And How They Differ From Natural Teeth

Posted on: 3 December 2015


Dental implant technology has changed dramatically over the past two decades. Today it is possible to have missing teeth replaced with natural looking, permanent dental implants in only a few visits to your dentist. While dental implants look and feel like natural teeth, they are different in a number of ways and require a bit of extra special attention to stay healthy. When you care for your dental implants properly, they should last permanently.

Dental Implants Don't Decay

While teeth are subject to decay, dental implants do not decay because they are made out of metal and porcelain. While they won't decay, the gum tissue around the implant can become inflamed. Film from bacteria surrounding the implant can cause the infection of your gum tissue. This inflammation can create a problem with bone loss where the implant has been placed. If there is significant bone loss, the implant can become loose and unstable.

Dental Implants are Fused to Your Jaw Bone

Natural teeth are attached to your jaw bone by collagen fibers, while dental implants adhere directly to your jaw bone. These fibers are unable to attach to the titanium implant, but do help adhere the crown of the tooth in your mouth. As implants are directly embedded into your jaw bone, a loose implant is unlikely unless there is bone loss in the area.

Caring for Your Dental Implants

While your implants may look and feel like natural teeth, it's important to practice excellent oral hygiene when you have implants in place. While brushing and flossing don't deter dental implant decay (because it doesn't happen), brushing and flossing removes the dangerous film from your implants that can cause problems with your gum tissue. 

Regular dental appointments are necessary when you have implants because your dentist needs to be able to monitor your implants to make sure they are healthy and properly attached. Your dentist will check the gum line, looking for signs of inflammation. If you have a broken implant that needs repair, only your dentist will be able to remove the broken crown and replace it with a new one.

When you have spaces in your mouth that you want filled with a natural looking tooth, dental implant technology is an excellent option. When you take care of your dental implants, they will look and feel just like the permanent teeth that you have. Careful brushing and flossing daily is essential for both natural teeth and dental implants. If you are interested in getting dental implants, visit a practice such as the Kenai Dental Clinic