How Gum Recession Occurs & How A Dentist Can Treat It With Gum Grafting

Posted on: 12 December 2014


Recessed gums can make it embarrassing to smile in public. The problem can be fixed if you make an appointment with a dentist so gum grafting can be performed. Below, you will find out how gum recession occurs and how a dentist can fix the problem with gum grafting.

How Does Gum Recession Occur?

Gum recession can become a major problem to your oral health if you don't get the condition fixed soon enough. The most common way that gum recession occurs is from having poor oral health habits that turn into gum disease. Leaving your gums in such a condition can lead to them bleeding a lot. Bacteria from plaque may also accumulate in the spaces between your teeth and gums, which can weaken the bones holding your teeth in place.

Sometimes poor oral health is not responsible for gum recession, as it can occur even if you brush on a regular basis. You may develop the condition from brushing your teeth too hard when using a toothbrush that has firm bristles on it. It is possible to inherit gum recession as well and it can be treated by undergoing gum grafting.

How Can a Dentist Fix Gum Recession with Gum Grafting?

Connective tissue grafting is one of the procedures that a dentist can perform to fix your recessed gums. An incision will be made at the roof of your mouth to create a flap of skin. Tissue under the skin will be taken for use as a graft. The graft of skin will be sewn to the area of your gums where it is needed. The incision at the roof of your mouth will be stitched up.

Pedicle gum grafting can also be performed by a dentist for recessed gums. It is similar to connective tissue grafting, but tissue will not be removed from the roof of your mouth. A small piece of tissue will be removed from your gums for use in the place it is needed. A dentist can only perform pedicle gum grafting when you have an ample amount of gum tissue elsewhere in your mouth.

Living with the embarrassment of recessed gums is not something that you will have to deal with after undergoing gum grafting. It is a surgical procedure that will show results on the same day it is done. Visit a dentist so the procedure can be done and you can start showing off your smile!